Society is changing and people are demanding faster and better quality services from their government. At the same time, governments are facing severe resource constraint on account of a number of factors. Many government departments see this challenge as an opportunity to revolutionize the way they function. A strong Networking system can bring a solid solution to this.

They are wanting to devise strategies that increase the speed of their decision-making and operations. They are interested in creating new organisation structures that are responsive to their customers and adapt well with the changes in the socio-economic environment. They are keen on making optimal utilisation of their resources. As a Networking, Research, Management and Consulting Not for profit oraganisation, Aditya NGO  helps the government departments in improving their performance in a number of ways. We conduct research studies to get an insight into the needs and aspirations of their customers. Based on the findings, we help the departments in devising appropriate strategies and interventions to fulfil the needs of their customers. We advise them on designing efficient organisation structures and systems to implement these strategies.

After a Project is approved and the department starts implementing it, we offer our services for regular monitoring of the progress of its implementation. Sometimes, we are also involved in training the project functionaries to ensure its proper implementation. For some projects, we are also required to conduct mid-term and end-term evaluation studies to measure their net impact.

Our History

Aditya NGO  was founded in 2001 as Action for International Innovations, with an idea to study the application of modern NGO related management and research tools & techniques in the functioning and relationship maintaining of Funding and government organisations aimed at its all-round enhancement. It was promoted by an Eminent Educationalist and Advocate of Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad whose vision was to establish a research & consulting enterprise, which runs purely on the merits and utility of its work and to assist the organisations who work to uplift the marginalised sections of the society. Aditya NGO  was set up with no grant-in-aid or funding from any government body or international agency.

4000+ NGO Registration
6000+ Membership
80+ FCRA Registration
15+ 35AC Registration
200+ 12A & 80 G Registration
2500+ Project Reports
700+ Website Development

Our Culture

Although serving the clients with passion and empathy is at the core of our culture, yet we devote an equal amount of our energy to make Aditya NGO  a great place to work.

A place where you trust the people you work for. We not only do what we say, quite often we walk the extra mile to uphold the trust of our people.

A place where you have pride in what you do. One may notice that we have not used the phrase— “……. fun in what you do”. Fun is much easier to get than pride which demands a heavy price. One has to work really hard and long to produce a work of quality within a limited time-frame. Our culture demands each work to be the best and not just one of the best in its category.

A place where you enjoy the people you work with. Each one of us is responsive to the needs of others and focused on relationships. We respect the diversity of opinions and trust each other.

Although the staff members at Aditya NGO  care very much about each other, yet the organization fosters an element of independence in its work culture. In fact, one has the privilege to work at Aditya NGO  with a great deal of freedom. None interferes in your work unless you want. Nobody watches you over your shoulders constantly. One is free to do anything within the institutional norms as long as it serves the best interests of the client.

At Aditya NGO , client service means exceeding expectations, giving more than what is normally expected. It takes sheer hard work to first have an understanding of the client needs & constraints and then to work towards developing a pragmatic and doable solution to his problems.

Our Values

Aditya NGO  is distinguished by four core values, the essential and enduring tenets of our culture. At the very heart of all our actions, these shaped Aditya NGO  into what it is today and will continue to guide all our endeavours in the future.

Absolute Transparency: In how many recruitment advertisements, do we find the salary component clearly spelt out? We at Aditya NGO  do all our advertisements with the compensation part displayed upfront. Besides, we painstakingly ensure that all our actions and decisions are totally transparent to all the stakeholders.

Permanent Relationships: We believe in building permanent relationships both with our clients as well as with our own people. We abhor fair-weather friends and seek out only those who we are sure would stay with us through thick and thin.

Honour before Money: Honour of Aditya NGO  and each one of our people is more important than anything else in the world. Honour of the company and its people is always maintained, even if it means losing out a major business. We are not money minded. Our aim is to lead a dignified life, a life worthy of living.

Freedom & Self Discipline: At Aditya NGO , each one of us is treated as a mature person and given full freedom to plan one’s activities. Seniors are not constantly watching over our shoulders. Rather, each one of us is expected to be self-disciplined. Guidance of the seniors is readily available, but they don’t unnecessarily interfere in our work.