Many NGOs across the country have been established with a good will to uplift the marginalised section, but they have certain technical obstacles, such as Financial barriers, soft skills, technical issues and facilities. Hence Aditya NGO Consultancy is established to assist the NGOs to uplift them through proper knowledge, technology and access to Information. Aditya NGO  Charity will be the fantastic initiative for fund raising for strengthening the financial part of the NGOS. Following are few points to justify the role of Aditya NGO Consultancy as a vibrant and innovative Networking, nurturing and nestling NGO of all the like minded NGOs:


Overall, Aditya NGO  assists NGOs by providing support and access to information and resources that can aid them in accomplishing their own missions relative to creating a better society and world; economically, socially, environmentally, politically, and morally .The Association also provides a means of identifying “ best practices” and circulating information about these best practices. In order to better accomplish their tasks, it is important for NGOs to be recognized by the public, donors, beneficiaries and potential partners. Aditya NGO  features NGO members and their activities in its literature, conference presentations, web site, and E- News in order to give them this greater visibility.


Aditya NGO  helps NGOs worldwide to offer a strong, unified voice in advancing conflict resolution and moral solutions to pressing global, national, and social problems. The Association provides information on the importance of NGOs and confront challenges to the NGO community. Nonprofit organizations are heavily affected by public policies. As an infrastructure organization, Aditya NGO  provides a “voice” for nonprofit organizations in the enactment and revision of laws and regulations.


Aditya NGO  plays a key role in advising governments, intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, and regional bodies. The proceedings of Aditya NGO  conferences and symposia, and resolutions emanating from the membership, are distributed to world leaders and the heads of international and intergovernmental organizations, and Aditya NGO  plays a direct role in providing counsel and partnering with such leadership.

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